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Sara is a film editor and IATSE Local 700 Assistant Editor based in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema with an MFA in post production and video editing in 2019. Her most recent credits include Russian Doll Season 2 and Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story. Cintrón is a proud granddaughter of Puerto Rican migrants and believes their experiences inspired her to become a visual storyteller. She's drawn to projects that experiment with genre, coming-of-age stories with a strong point of view, and films that interrogate colonialism and traditional family structures.

If you'd like to collaborate please get in touch! She'd love to know more about you.

Bilingual English/Spanish.

In times of self-doubt, she turns to these creatives for hope and inspiration:
Lynne Ramsay, Andrea Arnold, Jane Campion, Charlie Kaufman, Kathleen Collins, Wong Kar-Wai, Barry Jenkins, F.W. Murnau, Michel Chion, The LES Tenement Museum, Martine Franck, Larry Towell, Josef Koudelka, Ruth Ozeki, Jenny Zhang, Colson Whitehead, Junot Diaz, Fiona Apple, The Bags, Julia De Burgos, Lord of the Rings, Animorphs.

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